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A stupid loser who can't rap for shit.

He has trouble with english, and can only speak a couple sentences.

He looks like shit, he's a fucking wannabe, and a fucking poser.

Flava Flav could rap better than that motherfucker. (If you even call soulja boy's piece of shit songs "rap")

For all you stupid soulja boy fan-boys/girls, giving me a thumbs down won't do shit about soulja boy's fucking disgusting face.

Person: Shut the fuck up you loser.


Person: I would rather fuck my dog AND listen to Flava Flav's songs at the same time than listen to garbage like that

Take your fucking ugly ass face out of the fucking music industry.
by Hip Hop is dead September 07, 2007

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some stupid song that some fucking asswipe made

basically, the song talks about living in his mom's basement, wet dreams about his mom, and how much he wants to fuck his mom

its the second worst song, right after soulja shit's crank dat

i will not repeat this again, soulja shit, get your fucking ugly face out of the music industry

you are a disgrace to rappers everywhere and your "music" is whack

for the sake of music, please go to college, get a degree, and shut the fuck up for the rest of your life

yes, i am the person who posted as hip hop is dead
Soulja girl is soulja boy's mom.
by HIP HOP IS DEAD October 07, 2007

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