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A kind of hard drugs that is completely accepted in society.
People who drive while being drunk have a 23 times higher chance of dying compared to people driving while high.
This drug is widely available and can be found in the corner of every supermarket and most shops and is extremely cheap.
When children find this dangerous liquid and drink it when it's laying around the house, they will get intoxicated immediately and might die. Compared to for example cannabis, children could eat pounds of fresh weed and never get high. That's because cannabis has to be lit on fire (decarboxylated) first before it comes available.
Alcohol also kills underage kids, no weed has ever killed a kid because it's almost impossible to die from a cannabis overdose.
Hey man, want to try some weed?
No, dude, that shit is so unhealthy. I'd rather drink alcohol every day.
Why dude?
Because alcohol is so innocent man, everyone just loves it!
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by High_hopes February 23, 2021

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