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An individual who resembles a character from the movie "The Grinch". Female and short in stature, this individual will have you contemplating busting your ear drums just so you don't have to hear them speak.

Although it's easy to envy them for their ways, one must understand that this sort of backstabbing, lying, psychotic behavior has only been perfected after years on the mean streets of your local trailer park and let's face it - we can't all be that lucky.

"Who's" can infiltrate any town and any circle of friends. They may meet a person at work who they immediately recognize as being pretty, popular and successful. They then will stop at nothing to take over this individual's life. Some "who's" have even been known to try and steal small children.

While their small troll like size makes them appear a non threat, they often carry diseases such as mange, fleas, ticks, herpes, chlamydia, the inability to shut the fuck up, lying, mooching off their boyfriends parents and sloppy seconds. Although not as severe they are also prone to many learning disorders including; backstabbing, new best friend every week syndrome, It's not me it's every one else and I'm so damn dumb I don't know people hate me.

If you would like to study the who in her natural habitat you can locate her with other Who's at the weekly "Yes, I'm a cunt too" meetings held at the local Dollar General. These meetings are very informative and offer exciting seminars such as "Stalking 101", "How to play the victim no matter what", "Fake a friendship in ten days", "Myspace: the real world", and "How to buy adult clothes in the kids section".

See also; cunt bitch whore fake pathetic loser karma midget tom petty kidrock
"Look out, there's a group of Who's over there with their leader The Who."

"Wow, thanks. I would rather kill myself than talk to them."
by HiItsMe October 17, 2008
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