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A lewd oral sex act wherein a male participant is receiving oral sex from a person with a tracheal stoma. When climax is reached, the male receiving oral sex ejaculates deep into mouth of the stoma-oral-sex-giver causing the semen to be released from the tracheal stoma, dribbling down the chest of the stoma-oral-sex-giver a la Plinko.

also see Detroit Sidecar
Dude, I totally got a free BJ last night playing Malaysian Plinko. My load dropped right into her belly button to score the free BJ!
by Hey Guy… February 28, 2013
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Similar to Malaysian Plinko, however in this particularly nasty version of stoma sex, a male participant inserts his penis into a persons Colostomy opening.
Guy: "What on the menu?"

Pro: "Are you a cop? No, well then, Hand Job $20, BJ $50, straight sex $200, or my specialty, Detroit Sidecar $400."
by Hey Guy… February 28, 2013
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