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Basically a black and red version of Sonic the Hedgehog. He is supposevly the Ultimate Life Form created by Professor Gerald(Eggman's Grandpa). He first appears in Sonic Adventure 2 where he has a bad case of amnesia and can't remember his purpose. He teams up with Eggman and Rouge the Bat to find all the emeralds. He calls Sonic a poser and makes him his rival until the end of the game where they all team up because the Space Colony ARK is gonna crash with earth. To kill huge thing, he becomes Hyper Shadow with the aid of the Chaos Emeralds. After Hyper Shadow and Super Sonic kill the Finalhazard, Shadow "dies" and falls to earth. Shadow appears again in Sonic Battle which is a version of Super Smash Bros only Sonic Style. Shadow isn't very important in this game though, as Emeral the Robot takes all the glory of beatin Eggman. In Sonic Heroes, Shadow teams up with Rough and Omega to form Team Dark to go after Eggman. In the end they find that Eggman is not the true enemy, but Metal Sonic is. So Team Dark teams up with Team Sonic(Sonic,Tails, and Knuckles), Team Rose(Amy,Cream and Big)and Team Chaotix(Espio,Charmy and Vector) to kill Metal Overloard and save the planet again.
Shadow the Hedgehog is waaay spiffier than Sonic the Hedgehog
by Heroic Ling Ling November 14, 2004
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Bender's super hero name after joining The New Justice Team. He has no real powers, but he's a robot so that makes up for it of course. They had to steal the gemerald to give to the Zookeeper so Leela's parents wouldn't be killed
Super King is not ammused.
by Heroic Ling Ling November 25, 2004
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The Busdriver on "The Simpsons" who often causes a lot of harm to the children in his bus due to his shitty driving. He even lost his licence once but Selma gave him a new one because he hated Homer at the time.
"Hey Otto Mann"
"Whats Up Little Dude?"
by Heroic Ling Ling November 13, 2004
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A character from South Park whom Jerry Seinfeld did the voice for. Jerry's manager wasn't happy, but Jerry just wanted to be a part of South Park history.
Jerry Seinfeld, the best comedian ever, played Turkey #4?!?
by Heroic Ling Ling November 21, 2004
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A ripoff of Spongebob Squarepants as seen in Comedy Central's Animated Reality Show, "Drawn Together". He's a cool guy that just wants to be loved, but he can't because he's really fucking annoying. He can take on any shape, split in two, and become any profession he wants. He was also the only one to be eaten by Clara's pussy. To add to all that,he keeps many things shoved up his ass for comic timing including a lamp containing a homosexual genie.
Wooldoor Sockbat:A Fucking Annoying Wacky Whatchamacallit.
by Heroic Ling Ling November 25, 2004
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