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fish shaped turd with corn lodged in it
Upon entering the stall, I was horrified at the sight of a good sized cornback trout another had left in the toilet for me to admire.


After two steaks and 3 ears of corn, it was time to set the bobber in the toilet to drop a cornback trout.
by Herb Hasid June 05, 2006
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general lack of interest and/or concern for anything by a security guard and/or rent-a-cop.
You could feel the securapathy when neither security guard noticed that Osama Bin Laden snuck in past the metal detector and took people hostage--neither security guard looked up from reading the newspaper.
by Herb Hasid June 09, 2006
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Taking redonkulous to the next level--beyond redonkulous (a contraction of fucking redonkulous).
Normally two hot women in one bed with a man is redonkulous luck, but when two more girls and a fat bitch rolled in, things got refonkulous.
by Herb Hasid April 05, 2006
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