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Random sexual lesbian encounter carried out within public toilets.

Generally a female will sit on the toilet (lavatory) seat, whilst the other female will stand with her feet in a sports bag, whilst the seated female, drinks from the furry cup and loses some fingers. To any unsuspecting passer by, who just happens to peer under the cubilce door, only one pair of feet/legs will be seen, so the encounter will be undetected.
Girl 1 Hey did you know Gloria and Maggie were Female Cottaging in the staff toilet?
Girl 2 No. I've only ever seen them in there one at a time
Girl 1 Why do you think Gloria always carries that empty sports bag
by Heloby October 29, 2012
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The section/area of a womans tit, that protrudes past the cup of her bra, which indicates that the tit has literally spilled from the bra cup as it is to large for the bra.

It's the bra equivalent of a muffin top
Man 1 Woah look at the tit spillage on her
Man 2 OMG those tits are way to big for that bra
by Heloby October 26, 2012
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