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A Sandrine is an unique person. She has a sublime beauty, but also a good sense of humor and is really generous and smart.

The Sandrine favorite habitat is probably Tokyo, if you're lucky you might see her walking in all the 7/eleven and other corner stores to find some new candies. Yes, she's really curious and greedy.

Also known as San-do-rine-chan (japanese name), all the boys wish they had her. Be aware boys, if she decides to wear her cat woman costume, you'll probably faint. Yes, it's like that, she's sexy as hell!
Guy 1: It's over, I will NEVER date any other girl!

Guy 2: Stop saying that! You'll find a Sandrine sometime!

Guy 1: ... They're gettin really rare nowadays! When I'll find one, I'll be really nice, I can't miss a chance like that.
by Hell-Dazs February 05, 2010

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