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Another shitty MNVO just waiting to hit the gutter. It claims to be THE carrier for bringing vutting-edge phones from Asia, but so far has only brang in one good phone (the Ocean). The rest are pieces of shit. The only reason it hasn't followed the fate of Amp'D Mobile ESPN Mobile, and Disney Mobile is because SK Telecom (their parent company) keeps dumping money into it in hopes that it'll become profitable one day.


Helio spends $1,300-$1,500 per customer aquisition. It would take 3-4 years of a customer paying their bill on time just to break even. In addition to this, Helio leases all its network space from Sprint, meaning that it makes it even harder for it to make money.

I don't see it being around too much longer. And why the hell would you want a Helio plan when you can get a Sprint SERO plan for MUCH cheaper? Sprint also has a better line-up of phones.
Helio, don't call it a phone. Call it a piece of shit!
by Helio Sucks! April 10, 2008

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