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A person who plays airsoft, but often takes it very seriously. They are a branch of what is known as a Mil-Simer, a person who plays airsoft with as realistically as possible. This behavior includes:

1. Playing with a gun that does not have a lot of attachments, such as grenade launchers, lasers, flash lights, scopes, etc.
2. Using "real cap" magazines. Many airsoft gun magazines can hold between 300-450 rounds. These are know as hi caps. A real cap magazine has the number of rounds the actual gun it uses. Ex. M16 holds 30 rounds, MP40 has 32 rounds, M1911 has 7+1.
3. (Most common attribute) They often like to correct others on how they should play airsoft. i.e. telling others to use "real caps" and removing some attachments from ones gun.

This is a behavior of an airsoft NAZI, not a Mil Simer. Mil simers are not out to ruin it for other players. Airsoft Nazi's often get into arguements with other players as to how they should play.
Based on personal experience.

"Are you going to that Mil Sim game this weekend?"
"No, I heard this event attracts a lot of Airsoft Nazis."
by Helghast4life September 04, 2009

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