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The equivalent of teenybopper, but with Frou Frou and Le Tigre instead of the Backstreet Boys. One who is more interested in being respected in the scene or seen as "hip", and spends vast amounts of money to achieve said reputation.
"I haven't brushed my hair in months and have listened to all of the Mountain Goats twice, can I be indie now?"
by Hecuba December 24, 2004

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a hairstyle popularized by sceneyn boppers/indie fucks. Without variation dyed pitch-black, long in the front, shorter and/or spiked in the back with eye-concealing black bangs and (for girls) a nostalgic, vintage polka-dotted bow/headband/barette.
Everywhere you can think of. Try the "indiefucks" community on livejournal.
by Hecuba February 24, 2004

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