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Weather that changes quickly and dramatically from a time span of 2 days to 5 minutes. Typically happens in winter, but can happen in multiple seasons.
Jenni: I had to get sunscreen AND a winter coat in the same day!
Mick: Yeah, what's up with this Kansas weather?!?
by Heather L December 14, 2007

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Originating in Britain, sometimes going by the name of K80, the Katie's have eventually migrated to the states finding spots in the shade away from the heat.
Known for their liking of mod culture and alcohol,
the Katie usually grows anywhere from up to 5'5 in length!

The Katie's a clever little bastard. You can track her for days and days until you really get to know her like a friend. She knows you're there, and you know she's there. It's a game of wits. You hate her, then you respect her, then you kill her.
by Heather L July 22, 2006

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