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One of the more disturbing Nintendo Villains. It is the reincarnation of Zero from Kirby Dreamland 3. Zero died at the end of the game, but came back with an angelic form, possibly proving its death. (Yes Zero Two and Zero are the same being, some become confused)

Just like old Zero, Zero Two is shown bleeding in Kirby, mostly from its eye or around that area. It is a large ball shaped white creature, with no facial features other than a giant red eyeball in the middle of its face. It has polygonal wings with red tipped feathers at the end, soaked in blood. A giant band-aid covers the top of its head and it also has a halo. Its ball shaped body ends in a small peak at the bottom of its body, which is its tail. It growls into a long green thorny rose stem-like tail when the halo and eye is hit enough times by Kirby's Crystal Gun. That is the weak point, the only point where damage is taken.

Zero Two appears in the Kirby 64 game for the Nintendo 64. He is the true final boss, not Miracle Matter.

If ALL crystal shards are found, and Miracle Matter is defeated again, the path to Dark Star opens. Dark Star is where the true final boss of the game, Zero Two appears.

Zero Two can also be written as 02. It is pronounced Zero Two as its official name, not Zero squared, oxygen, "O" two. The tags labeled oxygen, "O" two or Zero squared were included to show others this is the incorrect spelling/pronounciation of the name.

Zero Two is the creator of all the dark matter. It is not known if it has a gender or not. Zero Two lives a miserable existance to never have the blessing to feel any positive emotions at all. In jealousy, Zero Two wreaks havoc on the worlds of Kirby. It felt if itself could not feel happiness, neither should everyone else.

Zero Two is the first Nintendo villain I know of to show blood in an E rated game. Then again the blood wasn't too realistic, the bloods spray in circular clouds in the game.

Zero Two's theme in a more rock and roll remix version is unlockable in Brawl, the requirement being getting 5,000 coins total in Coin Matches.

Zero Three, the third form of Zero is said to appear in the Wii version of the Kirby game. True or not? Let's find out~
1. Zero Two (Kirby 64) is one of the most badass Nintendo bosses ever!

2. (reaches the true end of the game) Damn what the frick, Kirby went all Neon Genesis Evangelion on us!
by Heart-Shaped Odangos! February 18, 2009

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