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(n). 1. a luxurious display of impeccable attributes or intrinsic allure

2. paradox and/or quagmire
3. superlative and/or transcendental sarcasm


The term 'Josephines' originated in Washington DC among a group of graduate students visiting from the Southern United States. It can be heard at most major lounges and universities which have had contact with its originators. The term originated from ongoing extortionate visits to Josephine's DC which were both innocence and mayhem at the same time. The term 'Josephines' has spawned several colloquial variations since it's inception, albeit the definitions listed here are the most agreed upon.

However, to reflect the changing nature of the human experience, the term Josephines encompasses a degree of uncertainty which correlates to life itself. Because of this, the term Josephines can mean anything and or everything.
1. Guy "Yo, this new car I copped is strait Josephines yo"
Guy #2 "Liar, you know damn well you can't no afford Josephines level stuff!"

2. "Girl, I can't see you anymore because my wife is onto us. It's some strait Josephines stuff going on at my house which makes me upset when I think about it. "

3. "I went over to Tariq's house last night, his sister was strait Josephines man. I'd still mess with her even if she has that acne and that arm hair issue."
by Hazrat Last-Call September 22, 2009
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