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Fuckin's are the viscous by product of fucking that typically run down the crack of the female’s ass or snooch (depending of course on whether she is facing up or down). Fuckin’s are sometimes consumed by absent minded males who perform cunnilingus on a female in which he has already busted a ferocious nut. This act is known as "eatin' your own fuckin's" and is thought to be de rigeur among perverts of Western Europe and the Southeastern United States.
"Mary and I had a foursome the other night with Jim and Bettysue". "I saw ol' Jim eat his own fuckin's and then after we switched partners he ate mine too".
by Haywould Jablowme September 23, 2007

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1. A person who contracts to perform sex acts at a certain price or rate.

2. A politically correct term for a prostitute, whore, hooker, or ho.
Man to Friend
"My wife has not put out for 3 months now so while on my way home from a camping trip after not showering for 5 full days I stopped and picked up a skanky old whore. I thought she was going to pass out from the stench when I unzipped my fly but no, she gobbled my knob like a pro and I busted a ferocious nut right down her throat".

Friend to Man
"Wow that was a great story. Thanks for sharing that. By the way I believe they preferred to be called genital contractor rather than whore".
by Haywould Jablowme February 02, 2009

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