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A widely used comment to end a very short male-driven argument. It is a unbeatable term used to offend in a mild/serious or comical way.
1. You can only use your moms face once your mom has been used (see example 1)
2. you can not just jump to "your moms face" if this happens a punishment is decided by those around said idiot. (see example 2)
3.Your moms face squared or times infinity does not win the argument/competition, if someone says this punishment MUST happen.(example 3)
4. It can be used even when it makes no sense (example 3)
steve: your so stupid
dan: your moms so stupid!
steve: your moms face is so stupid

steve: this chicken's lame
dan: your moms face is lame.....ooooh crap!
steve: you for it now.
Random person: Give him digs

steve: how your arm dude, those digs i gave were hard
dan: your moms hard
steve: your moms face is hard
dan: your moms face is hard times infinity....AHH CRAP
Random person: OOOOHHHHHH!
by Havos January 24, 2007
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