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My ex boyfriend was an anime nerd. I fucking hate these people! They are obsessed with anime, and all they talk about is anime. They remind you of 12 year olds and if you date them you feel like a pedophile! Their IQ's are often average or below average, but they have this idea that they are superior to everyone else in every way, but they are completely pathetic! They usually have messy hair, try to look cool by wearing punk style hoodies, or they will listen to angry music if they don't listen to techno to try to be cool. A lot of times they will have terrible achne! For all those who enjoy The Simpsons anime nerds are a mix between Professor Frink and Comic Book Guy!
Tom Cruise: So are you excited to go to the Korn Concert? I'm suprised! It doesn't seem like your style!
Anime Nerd: Oh yeah! It's like when Pikachu...(blah blah blah blah blah).
Tom Cruise: (Sigh) Oh boy!
by HatesAnimeNerds April 01, 2008
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