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Also known as CZing. The ultimate zone of chillness you could possibly be in. This is a state of peak relaxation and far from any care in the world. This usually involves greenery and comfortable chairs/couches, and typically has a baller television in front of the person with a XBox 360 connected. Absolutely zero work is accomplished while a person is chill-zoning, but, this is no ones fault, they are only abiding by the common rule of CZing. Homies often chill-zone in small groups and blaze together while they hate on common lame people they know. Interrupting a person while they are in a state of chill-zoning will easily gain you a bad rep with him and the rest of his homies, this is an example of when killin the chillin is a bad idea.
Yo Will, are you chill-zoning down there? Oh straight, I'm on my way.
by Hatemasterflex August 02, 2012

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