2 definitions by Hasan Iessa

A phrase (compound adjective) to describe a cat fanatic who loves cats so blindly that they bond with their cats in a masochistic relationship as they love every treatment they get from their cats even the bad ones such as ignoring, scratching, grumbling, etc.
- What are these red marks on your arm?
- Aweee! these are cat scratches , my cat scratched me yesterday while I was having fun with her, isn’t she sooooo cute? I love these marks they show me how much she loves me :)
- You really are such a cat-domesticated being, ma friend!
by Hasan Iessa January 04, 2021
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Relating to the COVID-19 virus, (COVID + Villain), has two meanings:

1. A person who posts, publishes or spreads false news or information and contributes to the Infodemic, as this is a crime that causes the death of many people.

2. A person who exploits the crisis to gain profits such as crisis traders and others who convert people's pain and blood into bank account balances.
One of those covillains posted that COVID-19 is genetically engineered in a lab.

I went to that store, the covillain there is selling the hand sanitiser for £10!

Please stop covillaining such info.

We have to stop people from covillaining.
by Hasan Iessa March 22, 2020
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