2 definitions by Harry5wee

A gang made up of four guys.
Dan Wright, John Lockwood, James Lockwood and Josh Larson.
They reign terror upon all.
They also claim territory.
Currently seizing ranks in online chats such as Habbo Hotel and Coke Music. Also abreviated to PWG.
I am terrified of the Piggly Wiggly Gang.
I will give up my life to the Piggly Wiggly Gang
by Harry5wee January 26, 2005
Term meaning "fart". If you're looking for a funnier sounding word than "fart", then use boofer. You will probably get beaten up. Also can be used as an insult.
Did you make a boofer?
That kid is such a boofer.
Aww, geez. Did I let loose that boofer?
by Harry5wee January 26, 2005