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A combination of the "rusty trombone", the "blumpkin", the "hot lunch", the "angry pirate/penguin" (and for the daring, possibly "Arabian death mask").
people needed: 2 chicks and 1 dude
first, one chick gives the dude a "rusty trombone" but in the standing position, while this is happening he then gets a "blumpkin". since "blumpkin" involes defecating, the chick giving the "rusty trombone" is simultaniously getting a "hot lunch". The chick giving the "blumpkin" i guess gets the old "angry pirate/penguin", (ur choice really).
NOTE: the "arabian death mask" can come into play at any point in time if another dude stumbles upon this and is elevated enough to give the other guy the "mask".
Fatal Yams is supposedly Fatal
by Harry P. Ness August 16, 2006

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Kinky Sexual move when a person who is positioned correctly, (bent down so their butt hole is alligned with the door knob) gets the door slammed as hard as possible so the door knob penetrates the ass creating a sensation like no other causing the reciever to squeak. DO NOT ATTEMPT with a door handle.
The "squeaky door" is deadly if not performed correctly.
by Harry P. Ness August 18, 2006

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One Metric Ton Of Fat.
He is so fat, his last name is now the universal sign for 1 ton a fat = 1 Bodah.
by Harry P. Ness March 04, 2006

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