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Windham NH is place with many self-important people who have moved up from Massachusettes bringing with them all their wants but no money. They sold their overpriced houses in Mass and bought even more overpriced McMansions in Windham that they can't afford. Their main activity is figuring out how to spend taxpayer monies so they can let socialist teachers raise their kids. Windham's electrical infrastructure is one of the poorest in the state, with long term blackouts a common occurrence. They have a new town park that is used by more out-of-staters than locals. Windham's industrial tax base consists of gas stations and donut shops with an occasional dry cleaner that have caused so many new traffic lights to be installed that what used to take 5 minutes to get thru now takes 30. The town does have the old townie clicke that keeps to itself and still thinks it's in charge but in actuality the school system controls and bankrupts the town. The town does have a pond that used to be quaint but is now so overpopulated that the water quality is one of the poorest in the state and invasive weeds are starting to choke it and with New Hampshire's subjective property 'view tax' some cottages on the pond have a tax bill that is greater than the value of it. In short Windham is infested with spoiled Gen Xers and Gen Yers who were raised to spend other people's money all the while believing they are rich.
Windham NH ain't what they think it is.
by Harry Obrian November 26, 2011
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