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What happens when you loath someone of the opposite and/or same sex to such an extent that the emotion seems to invert upon itself, leaving you finding yourself frustratingly attracted to the said person.
Exp 1:

Person 1: So I kinda ended up sleeping with (insert name) last night.....

Person 2: WHAT!? I thought you hated him/her!

Person 1: I know, so did I! I hate his/her utter being....but he/she gives me such a hate-on....

Exp 2:

Person 1: Your such a epically huge cock-ass! I don't know why it's even possible that your allowed to consume air. I hope you, and everyone you care about die in several, quite grotesque ways, all at the same time.

Person 2: Uhhh....wanna bang?

Person 1: You bitch, I thought you'd never ask.
by Harlsbarkley February 12, 2010

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(Self imposed) When a person does nothing but lay in bed all day, playing solitaire on his/her laptop.
Gentleman 1- "Hey, Bro-seph Campbell! You should come over to Kevin's place tonight; beer pong and best buds!"

Gentleman 2-"No can do George Bro-mero, I've been placed in solitaire confinement."

Gentleman 1-"LIFEFAIL"
by Harlsbarkley July 29, 2010

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