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The new spelling of the word "Jew" as defined by the Rabbinical College of America. The pronunciation of "Jew," however, has not changed; the P is silent. PJew is closer to the spelling of Jew in Hebrew. The old spelling, Jew, caused confusion between Jews and non-Hebrew speakers around the world. The Modern Language Association (MLA) accepted the spelling change proposed by the Rabbinical College of America, so it is now incorrect to write "Jew" in an MLA-format paper. Schools across the country are amending their essay policy so that teachers can take off points if you write "Jew" in a paper.
According to the International Rabbinical Association, similar changes to the spelling of Jew will be made to other languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, Greek and Japanese.
My friend is a PJew and she attends synagogue regularly.

Six million PJewish people were killed in the Holocaust.

PJudaism is a very interesting religion.

Dmitri is a PJudeo-Christian.
by Hariet April 03, 2008
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