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You're speaking to someone and they casually talk about something that happened or is going to happen that you had no previous knowledge of beforehand as if you did. They basically assume that you are aware of this.
For instance, if a girl says says to a guy, "we're going cinema this weekend", and he was previously unaware of this then he could say "that's news to me..".
by Haricots July 04, 2013

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A white woman who finds themselves feeling uncomfortable when black people are in the vicinity. This unease often translates into an innate need to assert themselves on black people that they perceive to be doing wrong.

Karen's entitled white fragility often leads to her threatening to call the police on black people for inconsequential matters.
Karen is threatening to phone the police on a black child for selling lemonade for charity.
2 little black girls are selling lemonade for charity.
Karen - "This is private property. *Dials 911*. I feel really threatened right now, there are two assailants in the vicinity. Send a pack of cars right now."
by Haricots July 22, 2020

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