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a pakistani nigga/gangster
A BROWN FOB: yo wuts up my pigga!!!!

A PIGGA: ........UM...... is there a clearance sale going on???

A BROWN FOB: quit dreaming, why?

A PIGGA: iuno.... piggaz these days don't wanna spend so much.... comon man, haven't you been watchin Russell Peters??

A BROWN FOB:......................
by Hanoon March 10, 2008

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Lazryth (a.k.a. Mok) is the gamertag of a guy who enjoys watching heros and americas next top model rather than playing amazing games such as gears of war, call of duty 4, and viva pinata with his best friends. He says he will play, but then backs out when he realizes he cant compete with his friends. His gamerscore of 3995 was achieved through amazing games such as yaris, sonic the hedgehog 2, and virtua tenis.
Albravo and BikerMatt: Bitch lets play
Lazryth: Ya sure Ill play cuz I dont do homework
Albravo and BikerMatt: wtf? wheres lazryth

Taras and Lazryth: Lets play orange box and pwn sum n00bs
Lazryth: lolololololollolololollolololol
by Hanoon March 10, 2008

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