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Creators of the hit PC title Half-Life, and its subsequent expansion-packs. Also recently implemented the Steam network, a method of software delivery intended to eliminate the middle-man ie. chains like Electronic Boutique and GameStop. Also currently working on Half-Life 2.
"Man, Half-Life 2 is gonna be delayed forever."
"Yeah, but it'll probably be worth the wait."
by Hamurabi July 31, 2004

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Properly spelled "Gamecube." Abbreviated as "GCN."

Nintendo's most recent gaming platform. Including components made by ATI and IBM. Has had such hit titles as Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Mario Kart: Double Dash, and Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Often thought of by the less informed as a console with games only appealing to children, a wholly incorrect assumption.
"Did you bring over your Gamecube?"
"The Resident Evil remake was a hit on the GCN."
by Hamurabi July 25, 2004

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Miami-based company that manufactures very high-end (though usually coming in a few grand below Falcon Northwest, the absolute leader in bleeding-edge hardware gaming PCs). Are instantly distinguishable by their distinctive cases (used to be tall towers, but are now sleeker and sport "alien eyes" at the bottom, because countless boutique shops have imitated the original Alienware look) and high costs. Owners argue that the convenience of knowing everything is perfectly compatible, and award-winning customer service are worth the price.
Fan: Dude, Steve just got a new Alienware.
Person: He could've bought the same configuration for half that price.
Fan: Yeah, but he's also getting 24/7 customer service and they put it together for him.
Person: That hardly sounds worth it.
Fan: We differ in opinion -- the logical solution is to have fight to determine who's right.
by Hamurabi March 14, 2005

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