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An indie (independent) game made by Re-Logic and can currently can be bought on Steam for 9.99$US. Despite it's lack of reality, it's the second-best game next to Minecraft. With over one million copies sold, this game is the bomb! I love it so much! For people who think Terraria's a rip-off of Minecraft, you're very wrong. Terraria is actually based off the game, and does Minecraft have mana, chainsaws, hammers, goblin invasions, meteorites, and useful NPC's? NO. Terraria is highly addictive and it'll be your 2# next to Minecraft! :D
Jo: Hey, what'cha playing?
Me: Terraria.
Jo: That game's a rip-off of Minecraft, it's graphics suck.
Me: Your a rip-off, and Terraria has really cool mobs and weapons. As much as I love Minecraft, I love it as much as Terraria.
Jo: Sounds interesting, can I play?
Me: Sure.

*5 hours later

Me: Ok, can I play now?
Jo: No, I'm beating the dungeon boss!
by HalloP November 25, 2011

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1.) Charaswapping is the act of changing your character's looks or personality in your fanfic, animated series, or story. It could be a good thing or a bad thing.
2.) Switching a character with another character's personality or looks.
1.) Gallie just charaswapped her character and now she looks like a Mary-Sue
2.) You get it, right?
by HalloP November 13, 2011

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