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Nick Wheeler is the Lead Guitarist of a Pop-Rock band by the name of The-All American Rejects. Not only is he the guitarist, but also the founder of the band that he formed, and when he was in 10th grade, 8th grader Tyson Ritter was asked to join after he lied and told them he could play bass, before he could actually play.
Nickolas Don Wheeler loves the Muppets. He has 2 tattos on his back to resemble Bon Jovi and Def Lepoard. When he was in high school he often made it to class early and sat there til the bell rang because he had nothing better to do. He grew up with music from his sisters such as Iron Maiden, Bon Jovi, Poison, and Def Lepoard. He has been playing the guitar more than 15 years quoted by Nick in 2003 AP magazine. He graduated from Stillwater Highschool in 2000. His hometown is Stillwater, Oklahoma. He dropped out of high school the persue the band.

Interesting Fact: He takes a shower twice a day & washes his face in each shower as said by Nick Wheeler in an interview.

Basically, he is amazing, gorgeous and talented guitar player
just look up a picture of him or go to www.allamericanrejects.com

NO, he does not have a personal myspace or xanga or any other blogging community, therefore if you see any it is a fake. Nick Wheeler does not have time to post such things on blog community, when he already posts things on his band's website.

by HaleyWheeler September 05, 2006

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