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a person whose natural essence is very Elmer Fudd/Rip van Winkle - like, emphasized by the fact that he is totally zoned out of his mind.
Hey Matt, stop acting like such a choochtard mcfuddywinkle and get back to work!
by Hal E. Wood June 22, 2006

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Term used for any famous artist who kisses the ass of industry but is an asshole to his/her fans; a hypocrite of the highest order and a cog in the caste system that is Hollywood.
Don't even bother trying to get his autograph; he's a kissasshole.
by Hal E. Wood April 11, 2010

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A combination of brazenness and density typically portrayed in loud drunken settings
Yo, that dude outside Bit Bar had such Brensity that I thought we'd all get arrested
by Hal E. Wood June 25, 2016

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