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A new term meaning to be royally screwed over by a school counselor or anyone who would consider admissions to a course; school; activity; ect.

The word originally came from a school counselor residing at Sir John Franklin High School in Yellowknife, NT, Canada, for he had quite the reputation for completely screwing over his students by destroying their schedules with apathy.

"I got completely Zwanenfucked for Math Pure!"
"How so, chap?"
"I requested being placed in Math 30 Pure next semester,
and that bastard counselor and his meddling cannabis addiction put me in Woods!"

"Dude, . . .I got put into Northern Studies TWICE,
when I asked to go into Bio!"
"Man, you just got totally Zwanenfucked."
by Haillie Shortt November 18, 2007
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"Young Champ" is a moderately well known rapper native to Macedonia. Having moved to Northern Canada at a young age, he's brought about a 'revolution of funk' in his current home of Yellowknife. His last known location was chillin' out wif' his boy Kanye in his home on wheels. No, not a tour van, but a trailer. His recent hit, "Don't Touch", has sky rocketed on the local charts and is being quoted in the most exclusive of social events. (IE. Capitol Theatre; Sir John Franklin High School; Any bad ass street corner where drugs are undoubtedly being peddled and a surplus of ass being shaken.)
JIM: "Hey Ted, heard the new Young Champ beat?"

TED: "NO!"

RYAN: "Hey, neat sunglasses!"

HAILLIE: "Those are MY sunglasses . .. DON'T TOUCH."

RYAN: ". . .I hate you."
by Haillie Shortt May 29, 2008
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