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A self pleasuring move in which the man of the house has worked up a sweat doing manly things around the house. The friction caused by the exertion has caused a certain amount of irritation. In effort to relieve the discomfort, the man of the house gets a bottle of baby powder, spreads a towel on the floor and disrobes. He then lies on the towel on his back with his feet in the air. He squeezes shots of baby powder around his genitalia easing the discomfort and giving himself a quiet confidence and a bounce in his step

I was mowing the lawn today and it was so hot and humid otside that I developed an uncomfortable chafing between my legs. It was so bad that I had to go upstairs and give myself a White Sinbad in order to relieve the pain. I never would have been able to give my wife the good donkey punch that she needed before dinner if I hadn't.
by HailYes June 12, 2008

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