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A garbage pail is a piece of shit, that you nor anyone you know would like anything to do with.
Origin has been said that the late Teflon Don use to call people garbage pails that he had little use for. Wardskie.
Look at the damn garbage pail coming our way.
You know what I'm going to call you.... Garbage pail because thats what you are.
by Ha Ha! April 20, 2006

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Someone who wanks off alot and is cheap.
Origin came about when playing poker with my buddy, who wanks alot. He had the chip lead but refused to bet anything more than the minimum, and would fold if anyone increased the bets. The guy was tighter than sand. Damn Wankenstien!
Yo, why you gotsta be a damn wankenstien when you loaded, son?
by Ha Ha! April 20, 2006

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