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A.B.F.R.Y., refers to a young, sexually active female. One that has not had a head poping orgasm, anal sex, or realized that 'she' could possibly have the sexual power. One that, 'Ain't Been Fucked Right Yet!"
"She is sweet, but that look on she face tells me she, A.B.F.R.Y.
by HVAC MAN January 13, 2010
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The smarter of the two. or #2 The one authority needed for the answer. Huck always got Tom Sawyer to do his work for him.
Paul gets Mike to do his work for him, he's a real Huckleberry Finn. lazy
#2 I'm not going to be your Huckleberry when it comes to navigating the political climate around here...ask someone else. keeping my mouth shut
by HVAC man March 07, 2012
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