1 definition by HADOZEN

1. The approximate length in time necessary for an individual to acknowledge/realize a specific activity or event before all persons within hearing proximity repeat the phrase and spontaneously break into "shmoney" aka the "shmoney dance" (varying levels of proficiency in the shmoney dance result in ~90% failure rate/looking like a scrub). Not recommended for those of European descent (honkeys).
2. A period in time (about a week ago) when Mitch dropped a body.
Hingle: My grandma died recently...
McCringleberry: Oh wow I'm so sorry when did she pass?
Hingle: About a week ago...

McCringleberry: What?

Hingle and McCringleberry: ABOUT A WEEK AGO *break into shmoney*
by HADOZEN December 22, 2015
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