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A phrase used to describe:

Getting tided up and having an object inserted into where the sun doesnt shine. Then having a picture taken. All this happens while the victim is passed out.
Tends to be unpleasent. And embaressing the morning after for the person involved.
Alex: You got bentannered last night?

Tom: Yeah I got tided up with guitar straps and then a pen inserted well.. yeah i dont want to go into it..
by H.R February 06, 2009

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Someone who is your friend, although you secretly dislike them, and they are infact your enemy.
Ellie: Urgh i hate thats girl

Natalie: I thought you was friends with her?

Ellie: No shes my Friemy *evils*

Natalie: Ohhhhh i get it ;)
by H.R July 08, 2009

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