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Founder of Bong Related Industries, this superior male specifimen originated in the in the Heavens and drifted down to the earth's crust upon a nitro powered bong with super clutch. Bongsy has been known to cut tremendous burnouts in his ghostwagon and also been known to perform many other mad dog activities. He has been ripping since the age of six when he discovered he has clutch. He is the human equivalent of a stallion and has been known to woo women with his incredible foot burnout. Bongsy has a history of rawkusness and is the number one ranked player in Inverell at Tecmo World Cup Soccer '91 on Nintendo Entertainment System.
Bongsy doesn't have any idols but many people see Bongsy as their idol. These people include Darryl Sommers, Man Bear Pig, the Inverell Cluctch Master Chess Club and....David Kitching.
Bongsy is a supreme being, and is frequently referred to as a sick cunt.
Person 1: Holy shit, check out that mad foot burn out. The cunt must be getting so many chicks.

Person 2: Fuckin oath. Thats Bongsy, what a sick cunt.

Person 3: Fuuuuuucccccckkkkk

Chicks: Your the man Bongsy

Bongsy: Chicks, chicks, chicks, chicks....rawkus....
by H-Bongos May 29, 2007

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