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Jacksonville Florida. A beautiful little city nestled on the east coast against the Atlantic Ocean. With its close proximity to Georgia one might associate it with its neighbor 90 miles north, but one visit to Jacksonville will immediately change your mind. The glory of Florida summers and the mild winters of southern Georgia packaged into one makes for one breathtaking city.

I recommend visiting Atlantic Beach, just fifteen minutes east of the heart of Jacksonville. Atlantic Beach, a small seashore community with bleached white sand and great surf, ranging from placid lake to Great Rapids torrent. Take your pick.
Before trip to Jacksonville: "Oh yeah, Jacksonville... that city that held the Super Bowl..."

After trip to Jacksonville: "Oh my Gosh! It was so beautiful! When can I get back?!"
by Guru of prepness March 30, 2005

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AE, American Eagle, a chain of stores similar in fashion to A&F (Abercrombie & Fitch). Many "preps" shop at Ae's, choosing their fashion for its close proximity in style to that of A&F for a lot less money. Clothes at AE tend to be more conservative, choosing to cloth the individual rather than giving up a free peep show. Although conservative it remains fashionable amongst "preps". AE lacks a wide range of selection so many preps wear the same clothing items.
AE offers polos, khakis, skirts, bathing suits, and sheer logo tees.
by Guru of prepness March 30, 2005

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