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A novel by Ernest Hemingway about an elderly man with perverted tendancies. He brings a young boy fishing with him every day, hoping to lure him in and make him his slave.
"Have you read the Old man and the sea?"
"No, what is it?"
"Ever seen Mr. Herbert in Family Guy?"
"It's about a man just like Mr. Herbert, but he takes a kid fishing every day."
by GunnyTurd March 23, 2012
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Someone who suffers from an addiction to the prescription stimulant drug Adderall, or similar drugs.
Myrna: Hey, have you noticed that Timmy hasn't slept for a few days straight?
Gene: To go that long without sleep, he must be on Adderall.
Myrna: That's it. I think our son is an adderaholic!
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by GunnyTurd March 24, 2016
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