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A question and answer website home to some of the biggest retards ever, besides maybe YouTube comments. You can get reported there for breathing. Half of the questions and responses are unintelligible from grammatical errors. Filled with racists, ignorant morons, religious extremists, and people who were apparently taught English by newborn orangutans.

A message board gone to hell.
Typical Yahoo Answers Question

i is 15, shud i havs babie?

Answer 1: no you is two young for baby. you need to grow up
Answer 2: i am 17 and has baby. people tell me it was bad idea but i dont regret it
Answer 3: all teens is so stupuid. i is smart and i is 19. you are stupid i hopes you die. dumb b*tch
by Guinevere56746 February 10, 2013

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