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Definition of a "Social justice warrior":

Adjective (derogatory)
1: A racist, sexist, bigoted, kakistocratic, puritanical, sanctimonous, fascistic, cultural marxist, socialist, post-modernist, cultist, supremacist vigillante.

2: Useful idiot, guiliable, sophmoric, impulsive, reactionary (with little to no knowledge of world history, politics, economics or life experience) who wages war in the online and public arena in the name of "equality".

3. Un/witting cause of great "Joeseph Macarthy"-esque damage to public/private figures by hate mob, ostracisation and shame, deluded in the belief that they are helping the world in their projection of personal insecurites onto others.
Things a social justice warrior might say or endorse without knowing it:
1."Don't tell women how not to get raped, tell men not to rape!"
2. Equality = exclusive benefits and rights for some above others.
by Grumgrash Grogrobash September 28, 2015

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