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In Trading Card Games, the act of drawing a particular (usually game-winning or at least loss-avoiding) card through pure chance.
He had me down to two life, but I topdecked a Platinum Angel he couldn't get rid of for the win.
by GrifterMage February 15, 2005

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a. (verb) To obtain something good, especially in a manner that is fortunate and/or timely.

b. (noun) Something obtained in this manner.

Coined by players of the popular TCG (Trading Card Game) Magic: The Gathering, the term is derived from the phrase "might as well" and originally applied only to cards topdecked exactly when most needed. It has since expanded in meaning to include pretty much anything lucky, unexpected, though the primary meaning remains the same.

Usually used only by TCG players, especially Magic players.
He was going to swing for the win next turn, but I mised a Wrath of God to sweep the board.
by GrifterMage February 15, 2005

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