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A large penis, so named that it belongs in a circus sideshow because of its enormous size.
"That nigga in the porno had a 13-inch circus cock!"
by Griffster December 26, 2005

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In tennis, someone who is no good at all, or who thinks they are good and really aren't. Origin is from "minute steak," 30 seconds on one side, 30 on the other, to denote winning two easy sets from them.

Origins are in WNY in the early 1990s, popularized by B. Ziemba. (1969- )
Can be popularly used to mean anyone who sucks at a given skill, not only just tennis.
Steaks get "torn off" when they get beaten, as they are always apt to be.
Joe thinks he is so good, but he's really just a steak. I beat him 0 and 1 just the other day.
by Griffster January 25, 2012

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