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Halle Berry is a drinking game which combines two classics. Four people gather around a beer pong table and set up a game of beer pong. The twist however is that to your non shooting hand you place a forty ounce malt liquor duct taped to your hand. In order to win, both teammates must finish the forty and the beer pong game must end with all beer finished, and the first finishers must win the game. If the game is won by the other team that did not finish their forty ounces first, they must play a second game of beer pong to decide who wins the crown of Halle Berry.

The name came from listening to the song Halle Berry while trying to come up with the name, but there is a deeper meaning. While black people love their forty ounce beverages, Halle is a rich black person and tries to keep herself classy with rounds of beer pong.
hey guys, lets go play Halle Berry.

Let's pregame with Halle Berry tonight fellas.

Who is getting the forties for Halle Berry tonight?

It's great when you start drinking with Halle Berry and she just starts your night out with a score.
by GregVinnyJohnBillyHALLEBERRRRY December 07, 2010
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