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The typical definition of a chav is almost very certain to fix ideas in many heads.
For one, these can be recognised by their so called 'Bling' , the lowest of all jewellery that is available from many markets, Argos, Woolworths and others.

Their clothes. Picture a school kid, approx. 14 - 17, dressed in a wide range of 'top' brands of clothing. Burberry, not to mention the price, FAKES. Fred Perry, their designer sign in whole striped tops and their ancient £5 tracksuit pants or 'Trackies' with the noticable 'boulder burn' from the amount of Cannabis they smoke. And their trainers, tough old Rockports. Whenever did the name of Rockport, the expensive good brand which now is recognised as 'Chavvy'

Normally. They purchase old, wrecked cars from Metros to Escorts and take them to Kwik-Fit and use their benefits usually paying the bills on large alloys wheels. Their car, boasting a massive stereo normally a CD-Player with a wasteful, tasteless amplifier glued to the boot lid.

Their fashion for underage unprotected sex when under the influence of alcohol is not the only put down. They ruin the beer brands. And smoke, booze and end up dieing early.

Potencially found on alleyways infested with the smell or urine and excrement, drug tools suchas 'Buckets, bongs' and 'Joint stubs' , not to forget, the broken up WKD bottles and empty 'dogged' Vodka quarter bottles.

These are the most stupid, denied mixture of society you just feel like sending to an island with the occasional reptile and make them suffer.

Keep away you fools..
Dirty, dingy, boozing, drug-abusing and unprotected sex at 13...
by GregUKUK June 01, 2005

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