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Any hairstyle whereupon the top is shorter than the back, and said person wearing this hairstyle still thinks that quiet riot, whitesnake, cinderella, and all the other myriad of metal bands kick major ass. Addendum to definition: People with said hairstyle usually carry with them lifetime memberships to local respective strip clubs, and believe very firmly that Pabst Blue Ribbon is STILL the beer of choice, along with Budweiser.
ANY hard rock concert will definitely prove all that I have said.
by GraphicArtist2KForever January 17, 2004
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The study of various groups within a societal structure that determines the reasons why those groups exist within said societal structure. Simply put, sociology tries to make sense out of why people do what they do in the society they live in, but it's not all-inclusive, nor does sociology explain every single detail. It's an educated guess.
Karl Marx believed very firmly in the conflictive theory of sociology, and that is because he was very communistic in his thinking, whereas, my take is more functionalist, because I believe that people are in this society to serve various functions, and those functions they serve are overall better for the society as a whole, and it brings the person contributing a sense of greater satisfaction knowing that they have contributed to a greater good.
by GraphicArtist2KForever January 22, 2004
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