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Pat Boones are commonly found on the rear of a white male who has a black woman's booty. It is typically the overweight trombone player's butt cheeks while he's running to class with an overloaded book bag.
His pants were choked up so high, his Pat Boones were busting the seam.
by Grantypanties September 24, 2012
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The sexual act of a male ejaculating into a female's mouth. He the turns around and she spits the seamen into his butthole. She then eats the seamen out of the butthole.

This act is commonly combined with other sex acts in manuvers such as the Skumpty-nine or Tennessee Log Skump.
I wouldn't go near that girl's mouth, I got a skump from her last night
by GrantyPanties August 09, 2011
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