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On the PORN Scale of Tame to Hardcore

Adam & Eve would be somewhere around "Victorian".

So tame it's LAME.

None of their clothes fit anyone other than their models and their "Toys" break quicker than dime store gumball machine toys. And everyone knows it's no fun to have that kind of toy die at an inopportune time.
The Porn scale is analogous to that of FOOTBALL as follows:


- American Football (Pro NOT amateur)
- Soccer (supposedly "REAL" football)
- Canadian Football
- Indoor "Arena" Football
- Touch Football (played in the street)
- Touch Football (played by H.S. Cheerleaders)
- Plug-In Electric football game*

PORN types:

- SNUFF film
- Hardcore (again Pro NOT amateur)
- XX, NC-17 & X-rated
- Cable (Skinimax etc.)
- You Tube
- "Swingers" (i.e. fat & hairy) home movies
- Skin Mags (Playboy/Girl, etc.)

* Not the "Real" game in any sense, doesn't work right, and most of the F@!#ing time everyone just spins in circles not accomplishing much, just Like buyers of Adam & Eve products.
by Gr8Nrg June 04, 2009
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