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Adjective.To be crunk is to posess a metaphysical sense of energy and excitement brought on by the indescribable thrill of music. In particular, but not exclusively, brought on by southern hip-hop music. One's feeling or outward appearance of crunkness is not necessarily related to the use of alcohol or drugs.
Here is definitive proof that crunk is primarily a musical term, and is unrelated to drug use. A good example comes from the southern hip-hop duo OutKast, who have been using the word crunk in songs since the mid-nineties. From OutKast: 2 Dope Boys in a Cadillac, from ATLiens, 1996: "Who them boys that be havin' it crunk every occasion?" This line does not equate crunkness with the use of drugs or alcohol. It does, however, in my opinion, refer to the crunkness of the music which OutKast was proud to give to its audience. Proof that this line is not related to drug or alcohol use comes from the title song from the same album, in which Andre of OutKast professes to be sober: From OutKast, ATLiens, 1996 "we be so sincere with this here no drugs or alcohol, so I can get the signal clear" The fact that Andre was sober during the period in which he recorded ATLiens is documented in his later song "A Life in a Day of Benjamin Andre" where he raps about the producing ATLiens: From A Life in a Day of Benjamin Andre, from SpeakerBoxx/The Love Below,2003: "I hadn't smoked or took a shot of drink 'cause I start the second album off on another note." Also; OutKast: Stankonia intro, Stankonia, 2000: "We keep it crunk round here" If crunk strictly referred to the use of drugs or alcohol, why would OutKast insist on the importance of their "Keeping it crunk", to the point that it would belong in the intro to this groundbreaking, critically acclaimed album. It doesn't make sense. Clearly, from these and other examples, OutKast, are "keeping it crunk" through their music, not through alcohol or drug use. The same is true for other southern hip hop musicians.
by GozuMeansCowHeadedDemon!!!!!! November 21, 2005

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