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Inherently unique as the name implies, Hethers are very complex, mysterious, beautiful women. Not to be confused with the average "Heather", this person stands out with the absence of an "a" in their name. Possessing a heart as deep as any of the 7 seas, Hethers only share that depth with the chosen few. Hethers possess a beauty as unique as their name, a beauty that will draw you in like a magnet and make you believe that anything is possible in this world. Hethers are very sensitive, and quietly observe the people and events around them, and they remember everything. If you have the profound luck of gaining the trust and love of a Hether, hold on with all of your strength, and never let go.
I've waited all of my life to meet a Hether, and now that I have one...I'm holding onto her forever.
by goyzilla February 03, 2010

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A condition occuring through the ingestion of greasy, or unhealthy foods. The Intestinal System of the affected individual takes extra measures to rid the body of all poisons, hence the explosive nature of the defication.
I saved some money by eating from the dollar menu, and ended up with explosive diharrea a short time later.
by Goyzilla January 25, 2008

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